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Super Sunday: Mail-Order Brides

After a three-week hiatus, Super Sunday is back, not that anyone’s been asking for it. Super Sunday highlights oversized gems from the hobby. Okay, it’s about oversized cards and such, not all of which are gems. A couple decades ago, if you didn’t want to subscribe to entire magazines you could subscribe to things like […]

Super Sunday: Kingdom Come Xtra #6

This week’s over-sized beauty comes from the 1996 SkyBox Kingdom Come Xtra set. The set was based on the blockbuster (for the comic world) series Kingdom Come that looked at a grim future for the DC universe. And while the story was great, it was Alex Ross’ illustrations that really hooked me. Likewise for the […]

Super Sunday: Seabiscuit DVD Premiums

I’m going to start a new (hopefully) weekly feature called Super Sunday. It’s where I’ll look at some cards that don’t fit the regular measurements. They might be regular sets like Tallboys or Star Wars Widevision or they could be oddball cards and non-card-related premiums. Whichever the case, if they’re too big for traditional nine-pocket […]