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New Justin Bieber 2.0 Trading Cards Coming in October from Panini

Justin Bieber 2.0

Don't underestimate the fever. That's the message from Panini, who are readying a second set of Justin Bieber trading cards scheduled for release at the end of October. Cards, stickers, autographs and costume cards all appear in the set. File it under the letters O-M-G!

Base Set

The base set has 100 cards, including three nine-card mini puzzles. Look for updated pictures of the Canadian pop star sporting his newish hairstyle.


  • Wide Scream (1:8 packs, 16 cards): Sticking with the puzzle theme of the base set, Wide Scream cards can be put together to make a horizontal panorama.
  • My World Tour (22 cards): Being a pop star without a criminal record means you get to travel the world. This insert set showcases Bieber on stage at various corners of the world. National flags offer a backdrop to the cards.
  • Foil Poster Cards (1:12, 9 cards): Pretty self-explanatory. Collect all nine, put them in card pages and you've got a puzzle, and a shiny one at that.
  • Memorabilia Cards (3 cards): Although not confirmed, I'd guess these will have swatches of Bieber's clothes. Hair locks would be gross. And disturbing.
  • Autographs
  • Stickers (1:1, 30 stickers): Many will likely treat the stickers as an extension of theĀ  base set. Fifteen feature Bieber while the remaining half of the set have slogans or song titles.
  • Parallels

Boxes have a total of 24 packs. Each pack has nine cards and one sticker with a suggested price of $2.99.


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