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Grimm Fairy Tales Sketch Card Artist List

5finity has released a tentative line-up of sketch card artists for their upcoming Grimm Fairy Tales Sketch Card Series:

Adam Cleveland
Alex Riegel
Amber Stone
Amy Clark
Ana Sanchez
Andy Black
Arley Tucker
Ashleigh Popplewell
Ben Dunn
Benjamin Glendenning
Bianca Thompson
Bill McKay
Buddy Prince
Cal Slayton
Cassandra James
Charles Holbert
Daniel Leister
Danielle Soloud
Danny Kuang
David Harrigan
Denea Frazier
Dominic Marco
Erica Hesse
Fer Galicia
Frank Rapoza
Frankie B Washington
George Calloway
George Webber
Glen Fernandez
Jackie Santiago
Jason Metcalf
Jason Worthington
Jessica Hickman
Jim Kyle
Joe Pekar
John Watkins-Chow
Justin Chung
Kristin Allen
Lak Lim
Louis Small
Luke Smarto
Lynne Anderson
Mel Celestial
Michael Duron
Mike DeBalfo
Nicole Goff
Pasquale Qualano
Patrick Finch
Penelope Gaylord
Randy Kintz
Remy Mokhtar
Rhiannon Owens
Roger Andrews
Roy Cover
Ryan Kincaid
Samantha Johnson
Sanju Nivangune
Scott Rorie
Vo Nguyen
Walter Ostlie

The release, which is based on the indie comic series that gives classic fairy tales a sexy twist, is scheduled for release in October and is limited to 950 packs.

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