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DIY Card Sets: Drive Autographs

It might not be lighting up the box office, but Nicholas Winding Refn's Drive is still one of movies of the year. Awesome car chases, an amazing performance by Ryan Gosling and an overall cerebral feel, it's an example of movies being an experience. Although leads Gosling and Carey Mulligan don't have any autographed cards yet, a handful of supporting players do.

Here's a guide to Drive autograph cards:

Christina Hendricks

Known primarily for her role on Mad Men, Christina Hendricks appeared in Inkworks' Firefly set back in 2006. She's not in Drive for long, but it's unforgettable. I don't suggest bargain buys very often, but this is definitely one. Hendricks' star is on the rise and is one big role away from being among Hollywood's elite actresses. Could it come as Wonder Woman?

Firefly Autographs A10 Christina Hendricks as Saffron (Inkworks, 2006)

Ron Perlman

For the past couple of years, I've been following Ron Perlman as a biker gang leader on Sons of Anarchy. After faltering last season, this season I've enjoyed it more than ever. Perlman is probably best known for his roles on TV's Beauty and the Beast and as Hellboy.

He has three certified autographs, the best being from Inkworks' Hellboy. He's also in Star Trek Nemesis and The Complete Highlander, both from Rittenhouse Archives.

A1 Ron Perlman as Hellboy

Albert Brooks

Best known for his comedies (the best of which were many years ago) and his writing, Albert Brooks does a major turn in Drive, playing a thug leader. He has been in several celebrity-themed sets from Donruss (Panini) such as 2009 Donruss Americana and the Baseball Americana Autographs insert set in 2008 Donrus Threads Baseball, presumably to connect with his role in The Scout.

30 Albert Brooks (/100)

Russ Tamblyn

Russ Tamblyn has long been a character actor in Hollywood. He had an autograph in Star Pics' Twin Peaks set some 20 years ago. Like every autograph in the pricey set, they're notorious for forgeries so be careful. All must have the Star Pics hologram, but even those have been taken from less valuable sets and put on forged Twin Peaks cards. The cards were also signed on the back.

Here's the trailer for Drive:



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