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Has Razor Topped the Castro Autograph?(0)

May 11, 2010

Somewhere out there is a Fidel Castro cut signature card from Topps that was defaced and has gone on to become something of a piece of hobby art. Apparently the guy who got it didn’t bleed Commie red and proceeded to doodle all over the card. If Castro’s controversial, I wonder what some will think […]

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2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball Short Prints

Today Topps made the list of 2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball short prints official. The short prints come from three subsets: Retired Stars Revisited, Vintage Veterans and Rookie Renditions, which should keep the disruption to basic complete sets to a minimum. Short prints fall at a rate of 1:4 packs. 276 Babe Ruth 277 Rogers […]

More 2010 Topps Chicago Cubs Abraham Lincoln Variations

When Topps confirmed the Yankees pie-face variations a couple weeks ago, their announcement let word out that there were more variations to be found. They challenged collectors to figure out Abraham Lincoln’s favorite team. I figured the answer might have something to do with the Nationals. It turns out Abe likes the Cubbies. JayBee announced […]

5finity Launches P’ups and Sells Out By the Time You Made it Through Drive Thru

5finity has announced another new sketch card set: P’ups: Pin-Ups and Puppies. Yup, a set that mixes pretty girls in skimpy clothes (or less) and their canine companions. Within 10 hours of the announcement and ensuing pre-sale, all 1,500 packs were sold. The set is another in a line of all sketch card sets from […]

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