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21 Jump Street (Topps, 1987) Pack Break(2)

October 16, 2011

What treasures await in a 24-year-old pack of 21 Jump Street trading cards? Not much except for some early Johnny Depp.

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Crackin’ Packs: Wacky Packages All-New Series 7 (Topps, 2010)

I’m working on doing more video content. Things are still a little rough, but it’s getting there. I’ll try to bring a little more life to things going forward as well.

3-Pack Break: Archie March of Dimes Sketch Cards

A couple weeks ago I was back in Victoria doing a little visiting. I did a quick pop-in to my old local card shop to say hi and maybe grab a couple of packs. They do little baseball and I wasn’t feeling the hockey that day. I did notice a trio of packs of 5finity’s [...]

Trader TV: Toy Story Fun Packs Two-Pack Blister Break

This was supposed to go live last night but for whatever reason, it didn’t upload right. Below you’ll find a two-pack break of Topps’ new Toy Story Fun Packs. They combine elements from all three films, offering cards, stickers and other goodies like magnets and motion cards. Because they’re aimed at kids, I recruited a [...]

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