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Bad Cards: All My Children (Star Pics, 1991)(1)

April 14, 2011

Today ABC cancelled daytime soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live. Life goes on. I could joke about how horrible daytime soaps are but I watch wrestling sports entertainment somewhat regularly so I’m not going to lob boulders. And I was hooked on General Hospital for about six months at one point […]

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2011 Topps Heritage Baseball Short Prints and Variations Confirmed

Today Topps announced their annual list of short prints and variations for 2011 Topps Heritage Baseball. Short Prints: Base cards 426-500, inserted 1:3 packs. Variations: Green Tint:Cards 110-158 and 160-196 can be found with a slightly green tint, apparently paying homage to the 1962 Topps Baseball set the series is designed after. These cards are […]

2011 Topps Baseball Sketch Cards

Now that the initial hysteria of 2011 Topps Series One Baseball is starting to subside (probably due in large part to collectors moving onto 2011 Topps Heritage Baseball, it’s time to look at perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the first set of the year: the sketch card inserts. Topps has been including relatively small […]

Spock Rewards With the Ugliest Shirt Ever

Generally speaking, my clothes come from one of two places: the local department store or  Threadless. Today I received my first shirt purchase from Etsy. The seller? None other than Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy. I discovered that he’s into photography and making shirts from his picture. Here’s what I got: Yup, that’s one ugly shirt. […]

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