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Gallery: Planet of the Apes Unreleased Autographs(0)

May 24, 2010

Notes: The Heston card was a mock-up that Rittenhouse Archives produced with hopes of producing a Planet of the Apes set with Heston’s autographs. Heston signed the sample but was not able to sign a run due to health reasons. The Estella Warren card was not officially released, although scarce copies have appeared on the […]

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Gallery: Marvel Super Heroes Stickers (Topps, 1976)

Images Required: Conan “Hold the pickle, or else!” The Hulk “Can’t anyone make cuffs right?” Loki “What an awful case of ear wax!” Luke Cage “Two all-beef patties please!” If you have any of these images available to share, please email me.

Gallery: Lost: Seasons 1 Thru 5 Costume Cards (Rittenhouse Archives, 2010)

Notes: Card distributed to dealers ordering six cases. Card serial numbered /175.

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