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Ghost Whisperer: Seasons One and Two Autographs Gallery (Inkworks, Unreleased)(0)

July 2, 2011

Prior to going out of business, Inkworks was scheduled to bring Ghost Whisperer to cardboard. When the manufacturer went under, Breygent quickly picked up the license. However a handful of Inkworks autographs, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, have surfaced.

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Gallery: Spartacus: Blood and Sand Autographs (Rittenhouse Archives, 2011)

Notes: Cards inserted two per pack. Te Maioha did many variations on his signature with doodles, notes and incoherent scribbles.

The Quotable Star Trek Movies Autographs Gallery (Rittenhouse Archives, 2011)

Notes: Cards inserted 1:8 packs. A96 distributed as an incentive to those ordering three cases.

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