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Stalin’s Floating Head(0)

January 25, 2011

The floating head has long been a part of the hobby for a long time. It conveys a sense of cheesy fun amongst athletes, often drawing attention to vintage hair cuts and other dated grooming strategies. Imagine my excitement upon landing this today: Yup, Josef Stalin’s floating head. The card hails from a 1934 tobacco […]

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Birdie Num Nums

In recent years the celebrity set has taken hold in the hobby. Panini, Upper Deck, Razor/Leaf and Topps have all put out at least one set, not to mention countless insert and subsets, based on pop stars, historical figures and ladies who have posed naked in magazines. But this is nothing new. Go back to […]

The Back Buhner: 1997 Stadium Club Pure Gold

Jay Buhner Fact: Jay Buhner was referenced in an episode of Seinfeld by Georges dad when he met “George Steinbrenner,” asking him why he traded the outfielder before he blossomed into a star. Going through my collection, I’ve come to discover that Jay Buhner had some pretty darned cool cards from back in the day. […]

Happy 2011! I’m Nostalgic for the 25th Century

Razor Pop Century was one of the more intriguing sets of 2010. All autographs and celebrity Goodwill donations, the release offered a multitude of one-time music, television and movie stars, most of whom have been long forgotten. The pattern is similar to that of Panini’s (and Donruss) Americana line. But while the Americana and Upper […]

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