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Box (or is it a Pack) Break: 2010 Topps WWE Retail Jumbo Pack Box(0)

August 15, 2010

I don’t know if you’d call it a box or a pack, but here’s a small break from the new 2010 Topps WWE (if you’re not into a video break, there’s a text version below, along with lots of pictures). My apologies for the poor quality. For those who didn’t make it through the video […]

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Box Breaks: 2006 Upper Deck Series Two Baseball (Blaster Box)

Product Rating: ** Box Rating: *** The set’s big, it’s glossy, it’s got lots of stats and it’s got a minimalist design. 2006 Upper Deck Series Two Baseball offers little in the way of surprises, bell or whistles – exactly how this set builder likes it. However, it’s also bland, boring and filled with forgettable […]

Box Break: 2008 Goudey Baseball (Blaster Box)

Product Rating: ***1/2 Box Rating: ***1/2 When Upper Deck brought the Goudey brand back in 2007, I was hooked and addicted. I loved the old-time look and even the now unconventional use of the smaller card size that stayed true to the set it was based on. I’ve still got a large checklist of wants […]

Box Break: Gargoyles: Series One (SkyBox, 1995) (Retail)

Product Rating: *** Box Rating: ** 1/2 Gargoyles was one of those shows that came out when I was a teenager who avoided cartoons at all costs if for no other reason than they simply weren’t cool. At least that’s the attitude I gave off. In reality, I’d watch cartoons somewhat regularly, albeit I didn’t […]

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