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21 Jump Street (Topps, 1987) Pack Break

Despite having moved into my new house over a year ago, apparently I still haven't finished unpacking. I recently came across a stack of packs that are itching to be discussed (briefly). First up: 21 Jump Street, an all-sticker set put out by Topps back in 1987.

I know, nothing screams cards more than 21 Jump Street. However, the set is notable for having the first cards with some kid named Johnny Depp. It was probably the first cards of Peter DeLuise too, but it's not like folks are clamoring for him today.

In the show, a group of cops went undercover as high school students, often uncovering bigger crimes than they were expecting. Watching it today, it's corny but not horrible. Filmed across the water in Vancouver, I still get tripped up by recognizing the locations.

Here's my pack:

I think that's Johnny Depp on the wrapper, or at least it's supposed to be him. On the wax wrapper scale of pop art, pretty bland.

Here's the stickers:

Three of the five cards feature Johnny Depp. That's good, I guess. Really, though, even as a moderate fan of the show, this set ranks with Three's Company and Joe's Apartment as some of the most pointless sets of all-time. From this pack, the backs are pretty lazy too. Those that aren't puzzles all feature the same cast photo. The saving grace is that the card backs actually offer some depth on the show's stars and creators.

Packs of 21 Jump Street trading cards can be found pretty cheap. I should note that the gum indentations reached all the way down the pack. Other than the staining on the top card, it's not horrible, but when held up, you can clearly see the angle the gum was sitting.

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  1. Wish the pic links weren't broken, I'd re-blog :)

    • Unfortunately my webhost lost my images folder. One day I'll relink everything but it was rather disheartening. And the thought of manually going through 1500 posts is not very appealing right now.

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