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21 Jump Street (Topps, 1987) Pack Break (2)

October 16, 2011 • Category: Non-Sport and Entertainment

What treasures await in a 24-year-old pack of 21 Jump Street trading cards? Not much except for some early Johnny Depp.

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Project Superpowers Box Break (Breygent, 2011) (0)

After years of delays, the Project Superpowers trading card set is finally here. Loaded with Alex Ross artwork, the set is solid but definitely hurt by the slow release.

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DIY Card Sets: Drive Autographs (0)

Drive is easily one of the coolest movies of the year. It’s also one of the least likely to ever get a card set. But a handful of the film’s stars have had autographs in other sets. Find out who and build your own set.


The Green Hornet Costume Cards Gallery (Rittenhouse Archives, 2011) (0)

Inserted as a art of two separate series, The Green Hornet Costume Cards are highlighted by three cards from the main character and one from his sidekick, Kato.